How to keep track of the competition

If you’re not keeping track of your competitors, you could be missing out on valuable information that is keeping you from becoming the top business in local search results.

How can you do a competitor analysis? The first step is looking up the businesses in your area that do what you do. Then figure out where you rank using evaluation techniques. Look at what strategies they are using to build up their business.

How to Conduct a Competitor Analysis

Search keywords on Google

What search terms do you think prospective customers use when they are looking for a business like yours? Usually it’s something simple like “dentists near me”, “chiropractors nearby”, or “best auto dealers”. This will show you your top competitors in your area.

Do they offer everything you do? If your business offers specialized services - look those up too and find out who your competitors are in that area of expertise.

Visit their website

Once you have identified your top 5 competitors, visit their website. Look through all of their pages. Is their website more clear than your own? Do they have a schedule appointment button? Do they have nice pictures of their team - or is their website full of stock photos? Do they have directions to their location on the website? Figure out what they offer on their website that is different from your own, and add features to your website that you think is missing.

Look at their reviews and ratings

Read through the reviews and ratings of your competitors on popular review sites like Google and Facebook. What are some of the customer complaints? Some of the popular customer complaints that are listed on your competitors pages, could be something that you do very well. Keep track of how many reviews they have, and always have more.

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