All-in-one lead inbox

Personal connection makes profitable business

Scale your business faster with personal connection and the all-in-one business messenger and lead inbox.

All your messages from Facebook, Google, Webchat, and SMS in one dashboard.

Take the mess out of messaging.

Chekkit messenger aggregates all your customer messages for an all-in-one lead inbox. πŸ”₯

Customers buy from the first responder.

78% of buyers buy from the first responder. Be in-front of new customers wherever they are. πŸ‘Œ

Convenience for you.

Answer questions, schedule appointments, send reminders, collect reviews, gather feedback.Β 

All in one place. βœ…

Convenience for your customers.

Messenger makes it as easy as possible for new and returning customers to reach you. Wherever they are, you'll be sure they can reach you.

Building lasting relationships with your customers is easier than ever.

Teamwork made easy.

Make it easy-peasy for your team to respond to messages across all channels

We've got all the killer features

Custom message templates ✏️

Quickly respond to common questions with the click of a button. Build relationships in no time.

Automatic out of office replies πŸ€–

Set a message to be sent to customers when they contact you outside of your business hours.

Chat on the go πŸ›©

With mobile and desktop apps, you and your team can communicate with your customers from anywhere.

β€œChekkit is able to get us 15 new customers a month on average.”
Martha, M - Transcona Dental