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You're in great company.
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You're in great company.
Discover how Chekkit is helping thousands of businesses around the world.

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"I cannot say enough amazing things about this company. Chekkit has been an absolute game changer for my clients. We were considering Podium (which is astronomically more expensive, and had an insane contract), and thankfully Samantha found us in the nick of time, in the short meeting I had with her, she checked EVERY BOX for what we were looking for, and it was a total no brainer, they're honest, innovative, and you can really tell that they're passionate about the value their platform offers their clients. They're so confident in their platform, they do month-to-month billing and no long term commitment because the platform speaks for itself and is extremely valuable.

We use a CRM that requires API's to do everything, Lewis was amazing about creating a custom application that sends our clients review requests a few hours after their service, at the perfect time. We've gotten literally hundreds of reviews with that integration, and our Google Business Profiles are killing it in local search, the sheer volume of calls has been insane, and directly attributed to our reputation boost. We're saving thousands of dollars on advertising and doing reputation based, organic marketing, and Chekkit is at the heart of it. We've expanded our business to new locations and it's all because of Chekkit. This stuff is for real.

The support is absolutely AMAZING too. A direct contrast to  Podium, you're working with a small, motivated, team that go way above and beyond in every way. They have a chat widget in the portal that I can text at any time and they respond within one minute. They're also super responsive to feature requests, and bend over backwards to make the platform even better.

My favorite part about this platform is the fast pace of growth, almost everyday there's new features and improvements that make an already amazing platform even better. I love the dev team's engagement, they actively seek feedback and really care about making this platform the best it can be, the high pace of development I've seen has been really awesome to see! The platform already checked every box, and now it goes above and beyond what even the biggest competitors do on their ridiculous $650 a month plan. By the way, Chekkit gives you literally every feature for 1/5th the price.

If you're looking for a messaging service provider, want to put review requests on autopilot, grow your organic rankings and boost your customer's experience, GO WITH CHEKKIT. I wish more software providers were like them. Their team is absolutely exceptional, and over time you really develop a relationship with everyone on the team. It's been an absolute pleasure to work with them."

- Andrew Torpie, CMO, Magna Pest Solutions

“Their support has been great and people very friendly. Everything they said they were going to do they have done. Got our text # on our landline, training easy, and web developer had no problems implementing.”

- Dave Dilley, Operations Manager, Bright Ideas

“Chekkit offers as much support, plenty of options, and even a couple more features while being less than 1/3rd of their competitor's platform. These folks are going great work and I see us working them them indefinitely.”

- Todd Renard, Marketing and Outreach Manager, Solar Connection Inc.

Great with the same features as the competitors at a fraction of the price!

- Aadil Shamji, Dental Associate, Trillium Dental Centre

Great service to help ease of getting client reviews (one quick click, no fuss for clients!)”

- Karen LeValliant, Physiotherapist

Easy to use! System is set up to offer many options. We love it.”

- Roxanne Ecklund, Owner, Rhino Shield Painting

Awesome tool for generating more consistent Google reviews easily. Highly recommend!”

- Daniel Moscovitch, Owner, More Hot Leads

This company has exceeded my expectations for my business! Has helped me out so much with clients and they genuinely will bend over backwards to help you out and build it up! Stellar job!”

- Lori Purvis-Lucas, Owner, Chicken Chef Winnipeg

“Simple and easy to use. The largest competitor of Chekkit wanted $300 per month and a 12 month contract. I got better service, better attitude, better customer service for ONLY $99 per month and NO CONTRACT.”

- Bob McCullough, Owner, Pawn Plus Inc

“Helpful, Useful, Exactly what we needed! More ways for clients to reach us, the development team has been very receptive to new ideas.”

- Samantha W, Property Administrator

A must have tool to have in 21st century where social proof is our new currency. Being able to send text in seconds and client being able to de directed where to post the review in seconds, it is awesome.”

- Mubarak N, Founder, 21 Century Realty

“Such a great software. We are getting a lot of reviews of Google, seeing a bunch of leads through the Textchat platform, and our dentist’s are loving the Chekkit app. Very impressed with how affordable it is too.”

- City Dental

“Myles is very easy to work with and talk to. He answered every question we threw at him and spent one on one time with our staff to train us on how to use the program. We've had great success with this program so far! Asking patients for reviews can be a task but Chekkit simplifies the process and makes it easier for everyone involved!

- Sierra Springs Dental

“The staff at Chekkit couldn't be more help. It's really incredible how they helped me move my data over, set up my conversations, and all my templates.”

- Will Pflaum, Owner, Glencadia Dog Camp

“The programs are extremely user friendly and the return has done great things for our business. If you are not utilizing this company's service for your retail business you are missing out.”

- Brian Goff, Store Manager, Goff Jewelers

“Absolute no brainer. Chekkit has mastered this communication software, and it is a must for anyone looking for incorporate texting in their communication capabilities”

- Trent Ratliff, Owner, All3Realty

Great App. Easy to use yet powerful tool. It definitely works and does what it's supposed to do. Most of all, great management and excellent support.

- Musbah Salem, Vice President, Maserati Dealership

“They are always available when I call for assistance. Friendly and prompt”

- Lona Henry, Manager

“As consultant, we have worked with many folks like this in the industry and our clients love the pricing, the no contract, and customer service. You will too!”

- Vernom Stading, Marketing Consultatnt

“Chekkit focuses on customers attention to detail and needs. I moved my business over to Chekkit and have not looked back.

- Steve S, Global Logistics Manager, Freight Delivery

“Best review tool! I was skeptical about the tool at first but the quick turn around time in our Google Reviews at our office definitely proved to us the usefulness of Chekkit. We have been able to take our star rating and increase it by .6 points with only 3 months of use.

- Kodie P, Administrative Assistance, Dental Practice

Chekkit has increased our reviews significantly. Would definitely recommend this company to anyone looking to increase google reviews!”

- Barton Dental

Super friendly and efficient! And priced very nicely! Thank you Chekkit for making our review process more efficient!

- Diana Carver, Owner, Carver Insurance

“We are very happy with this company. We switched from a different provider to Chekkit and we do not regret it. We have saved money, the platform is so great, easy to follow and use.

- Maria, Manager, International Auto Body Accounting

“I have only been working with Chekkit a few weeks thus far, but holy cow! These guys are quick, amenable, fair and honest. The software is simple and works as described. If you're teetering between starting and not starting, quit wasting time and sign up.”

- Brian Marino, Marketing Director, Ignite Leads

“It has been so helpful with covid and it was published in a national trade magazine as 1 of the best 9 tools that stores used to get through Covid.”

- EJ Bombrowski, Store Manager, Jim's Music Online

“If you are using another service for reviews and messaging, don't wait, switch now and enjoy the savings to re-invest to your company.”

- Broderick, Director of Operations, Thompson Jewelers

“Excellent customer service, excellent tech support, truly an asset to my business! I highly recommend this service to anyone looking for a new marketing edge.”

- Jaimie Walker, Owner, Chicken Chef Swan River

Significantly cheaper and better than the previous software we used! We love Chekkit!

- Anastasia Oswald, Marketing Director, Air Express

“Super useful and great customer service to get it set up.”

- Jon Dueck, Operations Manager, Shark Club Canada

“Great software. It does what I expected it to do.”

- Paul Weinstein, Owner, Bounty and Ukes Music

“User friendly and full feature! Client can chat with me from my website and continue the conversation right on their cell phone messaging app.”

- Jason "Jay" P, Attorney, Law Office of Jason G. Pink

“Works great and the on-boarding process was quick and easy. Very happy!”

- Wayne Wahrsager, Executive Director of Operations, Commercial Fire & Security

Tripled our Google reviews, and brought us in more business, period.”

- Jayce G, Manager, Pacific Motors

I work at a small independent jeweller and we wanted the ease of textchat, but not the expense. Chekkit what the perfect solution for us. Their customer service team has also been very responsive and helpful.”

- Tracy O'Connor, Owner, St John's Jewelers

“Chekkit’s review and textchat tool is simple to use, yet it is hugely important to my business. We use it for Farmers Marketing, but also recommend it to our clients as well. I highly recommend you give their tool a try.

- Lionel Johnston, Owner, Farmer's Marketing

“The dashboard is easy to use and we are very pleased with the results we are seeing!”

- One Link Mortgage

“Been a great service.  Reviews have gone up substantially after we started using Chekkit.

- Russ Baron, Owner, Sun Chiropractic

“Amazing customer service and since joining Chekkit we have doubled our reviews and it shows with the amount of new patients we are getting.

- Ariane Balle, Office Manager, Downtown Dental Winnipeg

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