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“With a combined effort with Chekkit we were able to generate on average 20 - 25 new customers a month by increasing our reviews and star rating”
Craig Hayes, Practice Manager at Deer Valley Dental Care

Janice H

Dec 29, 2018


It has already increased my business in the short amount of time I've been using Chekkit and I would highly recommend this product to everyone.

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Get a new review in 30 seconds or less with the convenience of text messaging. What does this mean for your business? Effortless growth 🔥

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The average Chekkit clients see 21% increase in traffic to their website. The more reviews you have, the higher you rank ⛰

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Given two services with similar ratings, consumers are more likely to buy the service with more reviews. Who is it gonna be: You or your competitor? 🤼
Psychological Science)

Lost in all your reviews?

Manage and respond to all your reviews from one place. Integrate with Facebook, Google, and many more review platforms and never miss a new review. 💡

Reviews affect your bottom line.

It's simple: Don't be out-reviewed by your competition.

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Chekkit Webchat

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chekkit webchat

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Automatically save website visitor's name and phone number. Customers take their conversation with you wherever they go. 🏃

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78% of buyers buy from the first responder. Transform website inquiries into text conversations. 💬

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"Amazing customer service, and since joining Chekkit we have doubled our reviews and it shows with the amount of new customers we are getting."



"We signed up to Chekkit 5 months ago and are thrilled with the results. 229 reviews and our stars have increased. I would recommend Chekkit to any business (except my competition)."

CRaig hayes


"Great app. Easy to use yet a powerful tool. It definitely works and does what it's supposed to do. Most of all, a company with great management team and excellent support."


Start converting online visitors into offline customers now 🏆

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