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Build an unshakeable base of customer satisfaction stories.

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How it works:

1. Ask Customer For Review

From the Chekkit Dashboard or Mobile App: Enter your customer's name and phone number. Using the convenience of text messaging, they will receive a personalized message asking them to leave a review.

2. Customer Writes Review

Your customer writes a review about your business on a website of your choosing in 30 seconds or less. We guide the customer through the review process, making it as simple as possible.

3. Become Irresistible

New customers searching for a business like yours become confident you're the right choice, wherever they are looking. We can get you reviews wherever you need them.

Chekkit's three primary purposes:

Review Generation + Review Management and Insights + Competitor Analysis

Get reviews

Enter a name and number and you'll get a review on the site you want.

Chekkit has a built-in Leaderboard, so you can see which employees are using Chekkit the most. Run in-office contests to motivate the collection of reviews.

Our system takes care of all the work for you and your client. You enter your client's name and number, and we take care of the rest.

On top of reviews, Chekkit can also be used to gather anonymous feedback from your clients via text-message.

Get New Reviews Google

RESPOND and Connect

Respond to new reviews as they come in to build public trust.

Your business looks authentic and genuine when you respond to customer feedback - good or bad. Leave the best impression you can for potential customers evaluating your business.

See your review trends to quickly learn what your practice excels at, and what it can do better.

Chekk out Chekkit's guide on how to respond to reviews: here.

How to respond to reviews

Monitor The competiTion

See how you compare to the rest

Add as many competitors as you please, and see how your profile ranks compared to theirs. See all your competitors' reviews and ratings at a quick glance.

Review monitoring abilities with Chekkit
Read a case study to see how one client got 155 reviews in four months with Chekkit
Google reviews help you rank higher on search engines
Facebook reviews build social proof
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See how simple it is to get reviews for your business!
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