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Chekkit Essentials

$99/Month Flat

  1. Month-to-month Billing
  2. Dedicated Support
  3. Reviews
  4. Webchat
  5. Messenger
  6. Questionnaires / NPS
  7. Outbound Campaigns
  8. Mobile App
  9. Unlimited Users
  10. Permission Levels
  11. Data Migration
  12. Smart Replies

Chekkit Premium


  1. Everything in Standard
  2. Payments*
  3. Textable Landline
  4. Video Chat
  5. Integrations
  6. Reviews Widget
  7. Message Scheduler

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  1. Receive instant or daily review alerts via email
  2. Smart automatic follow up review request
  3. Automatically get new reviews via SMS, MMS, email, website, mobile app
  4. Get new reviews on third party review sites or your own website
  5. Google Reviews - private API integration with Google
  6. Create and track review goals
  7. Employee leaderboard
  8. Access public review data for all your competitors


  1. All-in-one messenger includes Facebook, Landline texting, Webchat and more
  2. Start a video chat with the touch of a button
  3. Unified inbox for Webchat and 2-way texting
  4. Open and close conversations
  5. Receive emails alerts and push notifications


  1. Create campaigns for reviews, customer experience, surveys, promotions
  2. Net promotor score (NPS) for surveys


  1. Convert website visitors into customers
  2. Customized chat window to match your website
  3. Enable chat for multiple websites and locations

Mobile App

  1. Create and manage customer database
  2. Get new reviews - text reviews, image reviews, video reviews
  3. Manage reviews, respond to reviews
  4. Assign conversations to other employees


  1. You might be wondering... how can we do this for half the cost of the competitors? Great question.
  2. We are fiercely independent and not reliant on lining investor's pockets to succeed.
  3. We use our money to build a great product and provide excellent support.
  4. We are beholden to our customers and no one else. Unlike so many tech companies, we don't need to generate a return for any outside parties.
  5. And for that, we pass the savings onto you.

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