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Future Updates:

Chekkit Payments: This feature will allow you to send and receive payments directly though Chekkit, making it easier and faster to complete your business transactions.
Team Chat: This new feature will allow for employee communications across Chekkit and move beyond just leaving notes for an existing conversation.
Zapier Integrations: This new feature will allow for Chekkit to be listed within the available programs to set up automated Zaps to send your review requests for you!

New Features:

February, 2020
Conversation Notes: Option to add internal notes for each conversation, communicate internally with staff and easily save sent links for future use.
Sent Message Tracking:
Track which employee sent which response within new conversations

January, 2020
Assign Conversations: New messages received can now be assigned to specific users and receive notifications from assigned conversations.
Webchat Icons:
We added a new option to the setting page which can change the current chat icon.
New Settings:
Updated the interface for the Settings page, splitting the settings into specific groups.
Create New Users:
Admins are now able to create and edit new users!

December, 2019
Employee Leaderboard: updated to keep track of which employee sent the most review requests. Now available from the "Leaderboard" menu item.
Bugs: Various bug fixes for certain account settings.

November, 2019
Feedback: We added the option to request feedback from your customers when sending review requests.
Recent Reviews Widget:
Display your latest reviews on your website with our Review Widget!

September, 2019
Competitor Dashboard: We now search for your nearest competitors and automically add them to your competitor list.
Reviews: We added even more review integrations - Homestars and DealerRater have joined!

August, 2019
Feedback: Collect anonymous feedback from your customers to learn the truth about your business. Ask your customers customized questions and the answers they give are presented on a dashboard for your team to learn from.
Custom Images: Customize your review invitation image to be whatever you like. Our designers can help you design the perfect image that matches your brand's style and theme.

June, 2019
Search: Search for customers by phone OR name now. Quickly bring up your latest conversations with any customer.
Integration: Added new review integration partners.
Bugs: Fixed display issues that affected small screens.

May, 2019
Templates: Create personalized review invitation templates, message templates, out-of-office templates, reminder templates from the messenger dashboard.
Multi-account support: Managers of multiple locations can now switch between accounts with the click of a button!
Facebook Messenger: Facebook messenger added to list of messenger connections. Any message received through your Facebook page will be forwarded to your Chekkit dashboard for your team to handle.

April, 2019
Integration: Added new review integration partners.
Bugs: Various bug fixes for certain account settings.

March, 2019
Redesign: Redesign of the review dashboard.
Redesign: Redesign of the webchat dashboard.