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New and upcoming features.

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Upcoming Features

Instagram Messages: Chekkit has an new upcoming integration with Instagram Business Messages

Updated Scheduler: 
Expansion of the scheduler product based on user feedback

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September, 2021
Smart Replies: Automate your messages using Smart Replies by creating triggers that our system will look for and send your custom response.

June, 2021
Scheduled messages: The SMS message scheduler allows you to schedule messages to be sent in the future.

May, 2021
Messenger analytics: New analytics to track the channels messages are coming from and which team members are sending out messages.

April, 2021
Google Business Messages: Chekkit has a new integration with Google Business Messages. Once set up, messages from Google Search and Maps now come in to your messenger. Contact customer support to try out this new integration.
Upgraded custom review sites: Add unlimited custom review sites and customize the color of the buttons on your review page.

March, 2021
Review Response Templates: Save common review responses in review response templates. Use them in the review tab when responding to new reviews from Google and Facebook.
Tagging / Categorization:
Users can tag a conversation with as many tags as they want. On the side-bar they can filter to see all conversations with a given tag. This new feature now makes it easier to keep track of conversations with an overall theme.

February, 2021
Improved Questionnaire: Users can now create more than one questionnaire. The improved dashboard gives the user the ability to flip between questionnaires and view the responses to individual questionnaires.

January, 2021
Whitelabel app: New whitelabel app - Business Messenger Pro, for our reseller clients that uses their brand color and logo.
Messenger upgrade: Improved the load more button on the Messenger page.

December, 2020
Zapier Upgrades: Upgraded to partner status with the integration software Zapier.

November, 2020
Camera Upgrades: Take pictures directly within the Chekkit App.
Share Conversation: Get a quick link to share your customer conversations with your team.

October, 2020
Export Conversations: This feature allows you to export your conversations to excel & csv.
Mobile UI Overhaul: After hearing feedback on how our user's use the mobile App, we made some improvements to the general flow of the app.

September, 2020
Chekkit Payments: This product allows you to send and receive payments directly though Chekkit, making it easier and faster to complete your business transactions.
Video Chat: We added video chat so you can start video calls and screen-share directly through Chekkit.

August, 2020
Webchat Widget Improvements: We upgraded the look and feel of the webchat widget.

July, 2020
Send video in mobile app: We added the ability to send videos in the mobile app.
Tool tips and pictures: We added pictures and tooltips that lead to help centre articles for more clarity and usability of the platform.

June, 2020
Multi Language Review Requests: We just updated our review request templates to include a language option, so all of the review request screens / emails will contain instructions in the selected language.
Template Improvements: We updated the templates yet again, this time to make it easier to add custom fields to your template, such as the customers name, or the name of the user sending the template.

May, 2020
CSV Upload Improvements: Now includes more detailed fail results, phone number validation, and the CSV template to make uploading mass client lists even easier!
Leaderboard Updates: You can now see much more information on the Leaderboard, including how many messages each of your employees sent, how many messages they closed, as well as how many review invitations they sent.
Business Information:
Track how many messages have been sent this month out of your monthly limit.

April, 2020
Australia: We just expanded to include Australia so we can now setup our clients from down under and help them get even more reviews!
Summary Emails: Option to add multiple recipients to the weekly summary emails.
Template Improvements:
Updated the templates to include custom images.

March, 2020
Zapier Integrations: You can now automate sending review requests or creating customers from Zapier, contact us at support@chekkit.io for the information to add Chekkit to your Zapier account.
Mobile App Improvements:
Updated the app to display additional message details, and responding to reviews from the app.
Template Improvements: Updated the templates to allow for the review link to be sent without an image.
Customer Details: Updated the Messenger screen to include more customer information and the options to edit them.

February, 2020
Conversation Notes: Option to add internal notes for each conversation, communicate internally with staff and easily save sent links for future use.
Sent Message Tracking:
Track which employee sent which response within new conversations

January, 2020
Assign Conversations: New messages received can now be assigned to specific users and receive notifications from assigned conversations.
Webchat Icons:
We added a new option to the setting page which can change the current chat icon.
New Settings:
Updated the interface for the Settings page, splitting the settings into specific groups.
Create New Users:
Admins are now able to create and edit new users!

December, 2019
Employee Leaderboard: updated to keep track of which employee sent the most review requests. Now available from the "Leaderboard" menu item.
Bugs: Various bug fixes for certain account settings.

November, 2019
Feedback: We added the option to request feedback from your customers when sending review requests.
Reviews Widget:
Display your latest reviews on your website with our Review Widget!

September, 2019
Competitor Dashboard: We now search for your nearest competitors and automically add them to your competitor list.
Reviews: We added even more review integrations - Homestars and DealerRater have joined!

August, 2019
Feedback: Collect anonymous feedback from your customers to learn the truth about your business. Ask your customers customized questions and the answers they give are presented on a dashboard for your team to learn from.
Custom Images: Customize your review invitation image to be whatever you like. Our designers can help you design the perfect image that matches your brand's style and theme.

June, 2019
Search: Search for customers by phone OR name now. Quickly bring up your latest conversations with any customer.
Integration: Added new review integration partners.
Bugs: Fixed display issues that affected small screens.

May, 2019
Templates: Create personalized review invitation templates, message templates, out-of-office templates, reminder templates from the messenger dashboard.
Multi-account support: Managers of multiple locations can now switch between accounts with the click of a button!
Facebook Messenger: Facebook messenger added to list of messenger connections. Any message received through your Facebook page will be forwarded to your Chekkit dashboard for your team to handle.

April, 2019
Integration: Added new review integration partners.
Bugs: Various bug fixes for certain account settings.

March, 2019
Redesign: Redesign of the review dashboard.
Redesign: Redesign of the webchat dashboard.

Note: dates above are rough timelines for when the features have been released.

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