Our Story

EST 2016

Humble Beginnings

Chekkit started with four strangers going for coffee after a weekend tech meetup.

All had different backgrounds, but chased the same goal: Build a great company.

A plan was drafted, and Chekkit was established.


This sunny city in central Canada is where you'll find most of our team. Boasting one of the largest urban forests in the world, the air is always fresh.

A product is born,

Each founder played a critical role in building Chekkit.

Design, technical precision, customer experience were the focal points during product development.

Many long days and nights passed coding, writing, calling, brain-storming, designing, working.

But after the first customers started signing up, it was clear we were onto something.

and the journey continues.

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You'll find us across North America at tech-industry events.
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Travelling over the winter keeps the winter blues away.
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