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Meet the Leadership Team

Chekkit is an all-in-one platform making it easier to communicate with your customer, collect more reviews, and win more leads through Textchat.

Staff photos.

Four founders joined forces to turn ideas, skills, and hard work into business friendly software.

We bootstrapped the company from the ground up to keep costs low for our current and future customers.

Scalable products

Build great software that is easy-to-use and affordable for everyday business owners.

Agile approach

Give businesses modern tools they need to connect with their customers in the most human way possible.

Reliable support

Build a great team of people to work with and support our customers.

Let our customer's do the talking

Customer's around the world have voted us the top customer interaction platform for local businesses.

Our Values


Everyone at Chekkit owns what they do and has the chance to have a great impact on the business as a whole. As a client that means your voice will be heard throughout the company.

Customer obsessed

Everybody in the Chekkit team does a shift of customer support each week. This instills a culture of putting the customer first deep into the company.

Small teams

Small teams move faster and are more responsive. Small teams means less bureaucrazy and more getting things done.

So what's next?


Continue to listen to our customers to keep our software easy-to-use and affordable.

Cutting Edge

Stay at the edge of modern technologies and make them available to local businesses.


Continue to build a great team of great people to work with and support you.


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