Chat with your website visitors.

Convert website visitors into walk-in customers

Capture leads directly from your website and convert them via the convenience of text messaging.

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Customers start chatting with you right from your website!

Be easy to get in touch with, right from your website.

Instant Notification.

Get notified instantly when a new customer has a question for you. Your business is alerted when a website visitor is looking for an answer.

Give a human touch to every interaction.

People are tired of talking to bots. Put a human touch to every conversation and turn online visitors into offline buyers.

Quickly Capture Leads.

Automatically save website visitor's name and phone number.

Webchat beats traditional live chat.

Webchat happens over text message, so customers take their conversations with you wherever they go.

Schedule appointments, send pictures, close deals.

Convenience for you and your customers. Respond to messages from your Chekkit dashboard or mobile app.

Other Features


Get alerts for all inbound website messages

Easy Setup

Simple scripts make the install process a breeze

Auto Responder

Reply to new messages instantly and automatically

Assign Messages

Send your customers to the right person every time


Group all your inbound messages together

Custom Branding

Edit webchat colors, positioning, icon, greeting text and more

Supercharge your local
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All 3 Realty
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Chris Ogden, Owner
Time Machine Hot Tubs
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Aadil Shamji, Dentist
Trillium Dental Center
“Clients can chat with me from my website and continue the conversation right on their cell phone. I can reach clients via text and save templates for frequently used messages."
Jason Pink, Attorney
Sonora Law Firm
“I recently switched to Chekkit, but I should have changed a long time ago. Paul and Kianna are fantastic to work with and I have found the customer service to be much better. I strongly recommend Chekkit to everyone!”
Joe Worrell, Owner
Merlin's TV & Pro-fit Mattresses
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Sophie Cameron, Director of Marketing
Dental Corp of Canada