Send a text and get paid.

A seamless way to collect payments

Chekkit Pay is a simple system to invoice and collect payments via text message. Shorten payment cycles, expands payment options, and get money in your pocket quickly.

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Make collecting payments easy.

Send a text and get paid. Give your customers the convenience to pay on the go.

Chekkit Pay gives your business the power to invoice your customers right in the palm of their hands.

Accept payments from all major credit cards.

Allow your business to collect payment multiple ways. Offer one-touch checkout on all Apple and Android devices with Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Eliminate cashier line-up.

Collect payments from anywhere! Turn your phone into a mobile POS and free up time for your staff and your customers.

Get better visibility on your daily payment operations.

View and manage all invoices, payment details, in one place. Quickly see who has paid and who needs to be followed up on.

Other Features

Secure payments

Our PCI-compliant software protects you and your customers


Quickly process refunds straight from your chekkit dashboard

Search and filter invoices

Search specific transactions and view all relation information

Instant payment notification

Get instantly notified when a payment is successful and fully complete

Customizable invoices

Brand your invoice with your company logo, color, and name

Industry standard rates

Pay a standard and simple processing fee of 2.9% + 30 cents per transaction.

Make it easy for customers to pay you.

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