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November, 2019
How Dunkin's Diamonds uses Chekkit to collect payments via text

The staff at Dunkin's Diamonds were using Chekkit's textchat to text their customers when the world was hit with the pandemic. They needed a contactless way to collect deposit payments from their customers ahead of time, so they turned to Chekkit to fulfill that need.

The Solution

The Dunkin’s Diamonds team signed up for Chekkit Pay. They were now able to quickly and easily send payment requests to their customers by entering  the amount, description, and a reference number for each payment. 

When they receive a payment from a customer, an email comes in to let them know to fulfill the order.


The staff found sending payment requests by text convenient and easy, especially during the pandemic when there are more restrictions on what business can be done. They used the service frequently to collect payments from customers for deposits for their jewellery.

Chekkit has been amazing to work with, they have exceeded every request asked of them! We are delighted we made the choice to use them for our business. The platform is easy to use, awesome for our customers and at a price we can afford! Thank you Myles for all your one on one assistance!

-Mikey Connolly, Advertising Director
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