How to get 20+ new patients every month with Facebook Ads

You want more patients quickly?

You don’t want to spend money on traditional advertising that cost a TON, and is basically next to playing the slot machines these days.

Traditional advertising is great for awareness, letting people know you exist, but the reality is most people tune out the noise of old school advertising, and it's not where their attention is.

Sure you can invest time and energy attempting to get patients in the door with bus benches, radio ads, and optimizing your website. All of those things might work.

But what if you need new patients now?

Facebook has revolutionized the dental marketing by improving results, converting new patients, all while significantly lower costs.
The most powerful part of Facebook Ads for dentists is that you can actually target the right people.

People who are perfect to target for lifelong patients for cleaning, or dropping a pin on a street or location who are high income earners, who are prime for Invisalign and implants and all of your high dollar services.

In this post, I’ll be giving you some great examples of how to generate consistent leads every single month.

There is obviously a ton of different ways in which you can target potential customers which you can test later on once you get a steady flow of new patients. These are the strongest starting points.

1. Create shareable content

Create ads that people are really inclined to share. Create an easy opportunity for you to continually get referrals from existing patients with a patient referral contest! This might seem like a no brainer, but it's something so simple to run and a lot of dental practices are not running contests like these.

2. Hyper targeting audiences.

Here is a great example of how to target women who are getting ready for a big event like a wedding, prom night, birthday, vacation etc. This is a great example from Ben Adkins.

Ben uses this tactic to get at least 10+ new patients a week for his clients.

Pick an area your practice wants to target, like Toronto. Gender, age, and target things like women who have an "anniversary within 31-60 days" or who have an "upcoming birthday".

Now all women in Toronto area who have an upcoming anniversary, birthday or are newly engaged 💕are targeted for teeth whitening.


You will want to run them through a funnel that allows you to collect some key pieces of information. You won't want to send them to your general website as this makes it hard for the prospects to sign up.

You want to make the offer as easy, and frictionless as possible.

Keep in mind, the idea of the campaign is not to get them to buy something from you right away. It’s to collect contact information, have them come in as a new patient and build a relationship from there.

The ROI can be huge if you think about the lifetime value of that patient. You can then set up their next cleaning, and offer them many other high value services.

This super simple and easy funnel was made with Leadkit.

Here's a good example to really get a ton of new patients in the door. Or maybe you just opened a new practice and need new patients quickly?

Combine a great offer with some urgency to get 50 new people in the door asap!

This is an amazing opportunity to get patients in the door for free, and you’ll have the opportunity to assess their mouth and maybe say:

  1. Hey you have a few cavities you need filling.
  2. Are you having any troubles with your teeth lately?
  3. You have periodontal disease, we need to assess that asap.

This type of campaign will bring in patients for a couple dollars, and can easily create new patients for a lifetime.

Why is it effective?

  • Limited amount of free cleanings you're giving away. That lights a fire under customers. Nothing motivates a person like fear of loss. Or fear of missing out (FOMO)

  • We are clearly answering the question of “what’s in it for me?” No ones cares about your company. They want to know how you can benefit their lives, and you can do it by saving them the price of a cleaning.

Some other simple examples.

Again, offer value, and make it easy for them to give you contact information and set up the appointment.

Here’s another amazing example from Delivering Wow Dental team.

They offered a free smile makeover as a contest if you share your story on why they should choose you. This is a great idea, and super easy way to get a ton of people to share your content for free. The offer is amazing! No brainer on this one.

Check those results out… 46,017 video views. That's insane engagement. New likes, shares, comments on your facebook page. 

All people you can now re-target. WordStream has a ridiculously awesome guide on retargeting customers who engaged with your Facebook page or gave you their email address.

Dr. Ashley Joves and her team at Smile and Co. created an insanely effective facebook campaign that was able to reach thousands of people. Who wouldn't sign up with that offer?!

Yup that's right, now that you have all these people like, share and comment on your posts, you can create ads targeting these specific people.

4. Create funnels for specific audiences and services like Invisalign, dental implants, or a VIP list with something to give away, or simply just a informative quiz. :)

Here is a great example of creating a quiz funnel for prospects.

Funnels solve a lot of problems with marketing, as it zeros in on people who are your prime targets, and allows you to capture their contact information with very little money spent.

These funnels are super easy to build and informative to prospects on what they may need. This is also a way to easier collect contact information from them, and get them to commit to at least giving them a call.

Make it super easy for your team to call these leads to get them in for an appointment.

Using a cool technology called Zapier, without writing a single line of code you can send all the information you collect from your Facebook Ads right to an excel spreadsheet automatically.

Now all you have to do is follow up and sell.

You nurture and gain the trust of the patients. This will allow you to provide them with higher value services over time to satisfy their future needs.

This is known as taking them through the value ladder.

The value ladder for dentist will include services like teeth whitening, filings, retainers, and cosmetic surgery.

  1. Use reviews in your Ads as social proof.

Neil Patel, New York Times best seller, and one of the top 10 marketers in the world according to Forbes explains why social proof on average can increase your click through rate by 300% and lower your cost per customer acquisition by 50% with Facebook ads.

Check out some of the dental practices we work with :)

You can also explain why you might be the best in one type of dental work or why parents and their children prefer your clinic!

Collecting hundreds of reviews is a very simple way to convince potential patients that you provide superior service, and they should choose your practice.

So what's the secret?
  1. Creating shareable content

       2. Targeting the right audience for the offer and campaigns.

  1. Use social proof and reviews to show others how many other people have had great experiences at your office! 

Think about it this way. You want to create some sort of contest or give-away that will be a no brainer for people. Sometime these can just be fun to join in on.

The one thing that Facebook allows you to do is get tons of people in the door with a small marketing budget.

Understandably, everyone has a different business, and some have so much money they can afford to use all of these types of marketing. It's just slow and ineffective.

Does SEO work? Sure but it will take 6 months to a year, and depending on your location, and competitive landscape maybe longer.

Will radio ads, direct mail, or an office redesign get more people in the door? Sure, it might. It's just not that effective.

Here's how you should look at marketing in 2019. If you only attract new patients from your personal referral network, and you're only using traditional long term marketing strategies, expect your practice growth will be very slow.

But for those looking for something fast and effective marketing, that will get patients in the door, above are great example of how you can create real, authentic, shareable content that will allow you to get new patients in the door quickly!


Now that you have some great ideas for campaigns, let's start getting some new patients!

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