How Jewellers Everywhere Can Reap the Benefits of Chekkit's Software

In the jewellery industry, customer trust and satisfaction are of utmost importance. It takes years to build a reputation and only seconds to damage it. That's why maintaining a positive online reputation and communicating with your clients every step of the way is crucial. Chekkit, a powerful communication tool, can help you maintain a good reputation, improve customer satisfaction, and ultimately, grow your business. In this blog post, we'll explore the various ways Chekkit can help you achieve these goals in the jewellery industry.

Text Customers for Order Updates

Communication is key to building trust and satisfaction with your clients. And what better way to stay in touch with them than through text message? With Chekkit, you can send automated text messages to customers about their order status - from order confirmation to shipment, delivery, and more. This gives your clients real-time updates about their orders, making them feel valued and appreciated.

Ready for Pick-Up Notification

Get in touch with your customers and notify them the moment their order or repair is ready. By sending a simple text message, you'll ensure they know exactly when and where to pick up their items, saving them precious time and eliminating any unnecessary hassle. Stay organised with an all-in-one platform that allows you to effortlessly communicate with all your customers and provide real-time updates throughout the repair process.

Review Invitations

Customer reviews are an important aspect of online reputation management. With Chekkit, you can automatically send SMS messages inviting customers to leave reviews of their experience with your business. Whether it's on Google, Facebook, or any other review platform, positive reviews help build trust and serve as testimonials for potential clients. On the other hand, negative reviews provide valuable feedback that you can act on to improve your customer experience.

Payment Requests

In the jewellery industry, it's common to require a deposit before beginning work on a client's order. With Chekkit, you can easily request payments via text message, making the process quick and convenient for your customers. You can also send reminders to customers who still have an outstanding balance, which improves cash flow and reduces administrative hassle.

Picture Sharing through Text

Capture moments that matter. Whether it's receiving an image from a manufacturer on a custom engagement ring, starting a major repair on a beloved antique necklace, or receiving new stock pieces and thinking of a loyal customer, Chekkit helps you effortlessly share pictures through text messages, keeping your customers engaged every step of the way.

Chekkit is an essential tool for building customer trust and satisfaction in the jewellery industry. By using Chekkit to improve online reputation, communicate with customers, and streamline administrative tasks, jewellers can take their business to the next level. With features such as text messaging for updates, ready to pick up notifications, review invitations, payment requests, and picture sharing, Chekkit can help build successful relationships with customers that lead to long-term profits. Wondering what else Chekkit can do for you and your business? Contact us today to schedule a demo!

July 8, 2024

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