Auto List of Canada Boosts Sales with Chekkit on Facebook Marketplace

Auto List of Canada saw a 30% increase in conversion rates after integrating Chekkit with their Facebook Marketplace, enhancing management and speeding up responses.

Business Name

Auto List of Canada


Used Automotive Dealership


Winnipeg, MB, Canada


August, 2020

Used Automotive Dealership

Trusted by companies big and small

Auto List of Canada Boosts Sales with Chekkit on Facebook Marketplace


Auto List of Canada is one of the largest used auto dealerships in Western Canada. They carry used cars, SUVs, vans, and trucks in all price ranges.

Auto List of Canada has a large following on Facebook with over 7,000 people who have liked and follow their page. They feature hundreds of vehicles for sale on Facebook marketplace. The sales team needed a way to manage the dozens of messages they would get a day asking about their vehicles. They wanted a way for all of their employees, not just the owner, to see when customers were asking about their cars on Facebook. The team turned to Chekkit fulfill their needs.

"Great App. Easy to use, yet powerful tool. It works and definitely does what it's supposed to do. Most of all, great company with excellent support."
- Musbah Salen, Sales Manager



The sales team at Auto List of Canada was happy that they could stay on top of their messages from Facebook marketplace and in turn close deals with potential customers.

The integration of Chekkit with Facebook Marketplace has transformed the sales process at Auto List of Canada. By centralizing communication and streamlining responses, the dealership has enhanced customer interaction and increased sales efficiency. This case study demonstrates the power of integrating advanced communication tools in a high-traffic, customer-oriented business environment, proving that the right technological tools can significantly boost productivity and customer satisfaction.

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