Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

How does review management work?

Review Management is the practice of increasing the number of reviews displayed on your Google Profile as well as increasing the average rating of those reviews. Chekkit gives your customers the opportunity to leave a review for your business via text message. Here’s how:
1. Enter your customer's name and phone number through the Chekkit Dashboard.
2. Click Send!
3. Chekkit sends a branded image of your business and text message to your customer. A link is included to make it very easy for your client to leave a quick review.

Chekkit helps you get authentic customer reviews.

Do I need to have a google my business account to use chekkit?

No. When you are registering, you will enter your business name, and select it from the dropdown. You can immediately begin asking for reviews after registering. In order to respond to reviews, then you need to connect your Google My Business account.

How can I connect my 'Google My Business' Account?

If you have not claimed your business on Google or Google Maps, first you need to claim your business.
1. Click on 'Connect Google Account' button on main review dashboard.
2. Log in to your Google account that has claimed your Google My Business Location
3. Select from the dropdown which location you would like to respond to reviews from.

How do i change my password or username or phone number or business name?

You can update all these and more in the Account Settings page. Click the account settings button in the top right to view.

how do i update my credit card?

Click on Account Settings (top right). Then click 'Update Credit Card' button. Enter new credit card information. Your card will be updated immediately. We accept all major credit cards. Your subscription will automatically renew every month.


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