Account Executive
Software Sales


Your mission: 
You will help grow the business by building relationships with new customers.
You will reach out to people who have never heard of us, and teach them why we are awesome!
You will be the face of Chekkit for those who are learning who we are.
You will work closely with our product team to devise new solutions to problems our customers need solving.

Your responsibilities: 
- Reach out to prospective clients through leads provided by our marketing team.
- Clearly communicate our value to potential customers and partners.
- Understand customer pain points and how we address them.
- Organize yourself so that you can handle hundreds of new customers at once.
- Keep existing clients happy. We have awesome clients who love working with us and we do all we can to keep them happy.

What you should have:
1+ years of experience in account management and/or sales positions.
- Outgoing Personality. You will be building relationships with hundreds of new people.
- Confidence.
- Computer literacy. We use tools at Chekkit that help us operate far beyond what we would be capable of on our own.
- Thoughfulness. Ability to see how our solution fits into our customer's business lives.
- Flexibility. We're a start-up. Expect your role to change and grow as you yourself learn more and grow.

- Competitive salary. More on salary provided during the interview process.
- Commission: The more customers you sign up, the more you make. Commissions upwards of $2000/month are possible on top of your base salary.
- Ability to work remotely for parts of the year.
- Dental and Eye Coverage.
- Crazy opportunity for growth in this position.

Our Core Values:
Ownership. Everyone at Chekkit owns what they do and has the chance to have a great impact on the business as a whole.

Flexibility. We're a team that is evolving, and fast. That means your role within the company may change too. Being open to new responsibilities will help you and the company grow.

Ass-kickin'. Listen, we go hard. We work in a competitive arena and the only way to survive is to kick some major ass. Yes, we joke around, have fun with our clients, and have Friday beers, but at the end of the day - we get it done.

Check out our about us page to see our story.

Interested in applying? Mail us at support at chekkit dot io

life at Chekkit

Our office is always hosting events!
We love delivering product updates to customers.
You'll find us across North America at tech-industry events.
Recognize us from Instragram?
Debating who was the best 90s boy-band.
Travelling over the winter keeps the winter blues away.
Admire our new collaboration room.