Why online reviews matter for your bottom line

Never before has the reputation of your company been as important as today. In this digital world, customers can create and view online reviews in seconds. Perspective is everything, and what your customers say about your business defines the quality of your product and service. Word of mouth will always be important, but online verification and investigation are a convenient tool. Most people prefer to research a product or service before trying it. If your business has a less than stellar online presence, this can impact your future sales.  

“Not only does 97 percent of consumers read online reviews but 88% say they trust reviews are much as recommendations from friends and family.” – Brightlocal.com

Constantly having new reviews boosts local SEO and leads to a higher search ranking. When your business is noticed online, sales increase. Consumers and search engines define your brand's reputation. Having great, authentic reviews give your customers a taste of your brand before they experience it. The quickest way to acquire new customers is online. Consumers choose what restaurant, nail salon, barber shop they want to try out next, by doing some quick research. You only have a couple seconds to stand out from your competitors. The last thing you want is a couple of bad reviews to sour your brand's image.

Local search results rank businesses based on rating, quantity of reviews, and recency of reviews. If you have a poor rating and struggle to get new reviews, how are you going to stand out? If you only have a few good reviews, you leave your business vulnerable to the potential impact of one or two bad reviews. You need a constant stream of new reviews.

How do you get FRESH reviews? Make it EASY for customers!

Today, it's hard to succeed without a reputation management system. You need a platform that can automatically send review requests straight to your customers phones. Not only do new ratings make it easy for people to find you online, but this gives you great insight about your business without having to do much work. Chekkit’s reputation management system prompts customers for reviews immediately following their visit. It’s easy for customers and automatic for businesses! A lot of the time happy customers say nothing at all, or they wait until anger leads to feedback, which can tarnish and skew your brands reputation significantly. Maintaining and reviewing your digital presence can be tricky and time consuming for business owners.

Be in a position where you can take control of your reputation so that a few sour grapes don’t tarnish your name. Chekkit’s platform pre-qualifies customers to send reviews to your happy customers, and then promotes these great experiences where everyone can see it: online. We also allow you to handle negative reviews.

With Chekkit, it’s easier than ever to get new reviews, collect positive & authentic stories, and handle the bad reviews promptly all in one place! Start taking control of your brand image.

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