Dental Marketing Tips of the Month

You do great work, but to attract new patients to your practice - it’s important to make sure that you’re marketing the right way. Here are five tips you can use to market your practice.

1. Show your personality in your social posts

People want to see your team’s personality and how friendly you are.  A lot of people are anxious to visit the dentist, so showing your friendly personality can go a long way in comforting them. You can use videos to introduce your practice and its personnel. It will give your customers an idea of what to expect when they arrive at your office, and help form a personal connection before they get there.

2. Target income demographic in AdWords

Your targeting options for Google AdWords are impressive. One way to make sure your ads reach the right audience is to target by income. That way you can set up different ads for specific segments of your audience. Ie) target lower income levels for routine cleanings. Target higher income levels for things like teeth whitening, or other cosmetic procedures.

To do this, log-in to AdWords manager and select:



“Advanced search”

“Location groups”

“Location by demographics”

This will allow you to enter the locations and pick the income tier you’d like to select.

3. Don’t ignore the bottom of the marketing funnel.

Most dental clinics focus to much on the top of the marketing funnel. The “Awareness” part. The Blogging, Facebook, Google Ads, direct mailing, etc. In contrast, most clinics ignore the post purchase / “visit marketing” that they could be harnessing to increase their practices’ growth.  Focus on keeping your customers happy, and this will turn into high retention, repeat visits, and increase lifetime value. In turn these happy customers will market your practice for you through word of mouth and reviews.

By spending more time on the bottom of the marketing funnel, you’ll generate additional revenue for every customer, without having to increase your advertising spend. When your retention and lifetime value increase, so does your ability to spend more at the top of the funnel, and build your business faster.

4. Write back to negative reviews

Too many businesses avoid negative reviews, when they see them online. Patients might see this silence as your agreement, and prospective patients that find you online might assume you don’t care. Show you care, and keep your cool when responding. Things happen, and people understand that. If you show you’re trying your best to resolve any negative feedback this goes a long way. Sometimes that 1 star review with a great follow up response, can be just as good as that 5-star review. Keep in mind these are also great opportunities for analyzing trends, and changing business operations.

5. Use Google Maps Ads and Review Generation software.

More and more people are using google maps to find local dentists, especially on their mobile phones. Get your practice seen at the top of Maps listing, the “Local Three Pack”. Using Google Ads and Review generation software is a great way to do this. Google Ads is a great way to quickly get to the top. Keep in mind getting found is only part of the equation. People love patient-generated content. They want to see what others say about you. To make your listings stand out from the clinics down the street you will want have tons of 5 star reviews beside your name.

If you have any questions, Please feel free to reach out! ☺


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